I’m making music from my early childhood. Later, I’ve been studying piano and composition in secondary school Gymnázium Jana Nerudy, then shortly continued at Prague Conservatory and later on HAMU (also in Prague), the field recording directory, where I graduated the master degree in 2007. During my studies, I’ve changed several very different teachers of very diverse quality and nature, so I can reflect not only the output, but also the effect on pupil’s personality, what can be sometimes in strong conflict. From my childhood I’m also playing guitar, flutes, vocals and organ.
I teach from 2006 partly the private lessons and partly in elementary art school, so called ZUŠ (it’s common governmental institution in Czech Republic), where is a lot of pressure on success and technical progression, so I can feel the difference between those two kinds of attitudes. That was one of the reasons why I decided id 2013 to left the governmental institution and start making the private lessons as a full time job. Except teaching I also compose and play the music actively, also exhibit as the visual artist and, not least, make simple musical instruments.
My intention is to offer a sensitive and creative style if teaching, which can be alternative to the style of ZUŠ. Int’s not strictly limited by goverment’s drafts, so we can whenever turn to jazz, soundtracks, improvisation or composition, singing or to another musical instrument (which are intalled in the classroom permanently). As the base I find the physical part of playing or singing (posture, right sitting, breathing, free movement of the hands, shape of the hand etc.), which is most important for a comfort and good feeling while playing. When this is marginalized, playing music could be disappointing or even frustrating. That’s why we start without sheets and the technical progress is done slowly, step by step. Music theory is not separated from playing, but on the fly in close connection with the instrument and the particular composition. This attitude helps to get deeper and keep the complex outlook simultaneously.
My lessons in Dobeška Studio are suitable for everyone, who’s intrested in music. They are be beneficial for people with concrete purpose (for example as a preparation for entrance examinations) or just for music lovers. They are not age limited, the youngest children usually start in 5 years of age with short lessons. Welcome are also teenagers an adults, no matter how deep are their musical experiences. Lessons are also helpful for skilled musicians, who want to improve themselves or try for example some another genre. Part of the education are also two or three voluntary concerts per year, which take place in Dobeška Theatre in close neighbourhood.


There are no entry tests, but only one purpose to make the lessons enjoyable and satisfying for both sides. That’s why it’s necessary to have a good instrument at home, because the practising is an inseparable part of learning music. At the beginning it can be a simple keyboard, but after 5 months is highly recommended to have a basic stage piano with hammer action mechanism, 88 keys range and the sustain pedal (from 9000 CZK). With classical guitar it’s better to buy a good instrument with particular size (smaller is usually better then bigger) right at the beginning, because the mechanical quality can be very annoying for the beginners (from 3000 CZK). In a case of singing there’s no necessary instrument, but a simple piano can be very helpful.
The price is the same for piano, guitar and singing: 160 CZK for every 15 minutes (for lessons in English). With small children we start at 30 minutes, teenagers and adults usually takes 45 or 60 minutes (the max 5 minutes manipulation time to change the arrangement in the class is part of every lesson). Payment is done monthly according to invoice sent by email. Cancellation must be done at least 24 hours before the lesson or it have to be payed. To stop attending the lessons is possible only after 5 months (in January and June) und it must be announced as soon as possible, at least one month before. For starting we can do 2-3 trial lessons to see if it will work fine.
Besides these lessons I offer also lessons of computer based musical production, including work with professional editing software (especially Ableton and Cubase), synthesizers and midi controllers, sound engineering etc. These lessons are about 60 minutes (550,- CZK) or longer and take place in my home studio in Prague 10.